Oxxides, Inc. Was established in 1989 and trades / Imports / Exports only antimony products especially Antimony Trioxide, about 3000 metric ton / year. We can supply any specification required by consumers in many packing sizes. We are an ISO-9001-2000 company and we buy from few ISO 9000 companies and sell to the international market especially North America and Europe.

If the specification or sample is required please contact us:
(We are open 24 hours a day.)

Telephone: 1 845 351 2065
Fax: 1 845 351 2066
Postal address: 2 Mt. Farm Road, Tuxedo Park, New York, USA

We are the publisher of weekly Antimony Trioxide Green-Sheet for the past 11 years.

Green-sheet will give you the weekly international prices for the antimony metal and antimony Trioxide + Latest news on antimony products, Import Statistic with present year and last year graphs + Future Call and Put Option market prices + Weekly educational news about antimony trioxide. This weekly publication in 4 pages is air mailed free to our customers but will charge $150 / year for competitors and others.

Oxxides, Inc. will be glad to respond to any of your technical questions regarding antimony trioxide use and market information.

Oxxides, Inc., has ofices in New York, Berling – Germany, Guangzhou – P.R. China, and Surprise – Arizina. Our main warehouses are in Baltimore, Marylad and New Jersey, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For other locations we can import to any port nearest to the our customers delivery address, clear the goods and deliver.

The major brands we supply are:

Twinkling Star brand (Hsikwangshan), (P.R.China)
Oxxides, brand (P. R. China)
Tropic Star White (Guatemala)
Chemico brand (India)
Campine brand (India)
Can Long brand (P.R. China) (Antimony Trioxide with Polypropylene)
Goldensea (Hong Kong)
Guangdong brand (P.R. China)
Guang long brand (P.R.China)
Guangxi (P.R.China)
Guizhou (P.R. China)
Hua chang brand (P.R.China)
Huan Dong (Liuzhou) brand (P.R. China)
Hunan Anhua (Zhazixi) (P.R. China)
HunanChenzou (P.R. China)
IOCL brand (India) For electrolytic use only
Japanese Antimony trioxide
Jiefu Brand (P.R. China)
Jinhai brand (P.R. China)
Jiu-Tong (P.R. China)
Kadamzhay (Former soviet Union)
Lingxin Brand (P.R. China)
Metorex (S. Africa African)
Nandan Brand (4 ring) (P.R. China)
Oxyquimica (Brasil)
Russian (Gyrgyzstan)
Sanhua brand (P.R.China)
Shenzhen Brand (P.R.China)
Sica brand (Europ)
Nihon Seiko Brand ( Taiwan)
Wuji brand (P.R. China)
Yongxin brand (P.R. China)
Yunan Muli brand (P.R. China)